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France Suspends Thousands of Medical Workers – As medical personnel who work in hospitals, at this time they must always carry out the vaccination process for all people and even all registered patients. In France, thousands of medical personnel have been scored for not being vaccinated.

France Suspends Thousands of Medical Workers

1. Several dozen medical personnel have submitted resignation letters instead of being vaccinated

France’s Health Minister, Olivier Veran, announced that thousands of health workers across France had been suspended without pay for failing to get vaccinated against COVID-19 ahead of this week’s deadline.

He added that several dozen other medical personnel had already submitted their resignation letters instead of signing up for the vaccination programme.

That compares with 2.7 million health workers overall and Veran adds that sustainable health is guaranteed.

Most medical personnel are reluctant to be vaccinated citing concerns about the vaccine’s safety or efficacy, which poses a risk that the vaccination drive in France could stall.

France’s National Public Health Agency estimated last week about 12 percent of hospital staff and 6 percent of doctors in private practice had not been vaccinated.

2. Earlier, the French President said vaccination was not mandatory for the general public

The day before being suspended, medical workers in France faced suspension if they had not been vaccinated by Wednesday (15/9) local time.

With as many as 300,000 workers still unvaccinated, some local hospitals fear a staff shortage will add to their burden.

Currently, the vaccine is mandatory for medical care, home care and emergency workers in France and the deadline is the time limit for staff to have at least one dose.

The mandate was approved by the French parliament over the summer to protect patients and the public from the new wave of COVID-19.

French government spokesman Gabriel Attal said on Wednesday local time this was aimed at one thing: to protect hospitals, protect health workers and protect France’s fragile population and that it does not stigmatize anyone and hold everyone accountable.

Uncovering major steps in fighting the surge in COVID-19 cases, French President Emmanuel Macron said vaccination would not be mandatory for the general public for now but stressed that restrictions would focus on those who were not vaccinated.

Still a slowdown in vaccination rates and a sharp increase in new cases due to the highly contagious Delta variant has forced the government to rethink medical personnel.

In the first sign that a new set of measures might be more convincing to get vaccinated, the website where people order a COVID-19 vaccine, Doctolib, was flooded with internet visitors following a speech by Macron some time ago.

Macron said that the health clearance required to attend large-scale events or go to nightclubs would be used more widely, including to enter restaurants, cinemas and theaters.