examples of nurse negligence cases and their solutions

Know the Medical Errors That Have Happened – Humans in fact never escape from the name of error. Humans can make mistakes and even make very fatal mistakes. Mistakes can happen, even for people who work in the health sector and serve many sick people. Data shows that a quarter of a million people suffer additional injuries due to mistakes made by nurses or doctors.

So, what mistakes can medical workers make?

Know the Medical Errors That Have Happened

1. Medical devices are left in the body
This has happened several times because nurses who participate in operations on patients usually forget the amount of equipment they use in the body. when done, they sometimes forget a device or two in the patient’s body. If you experience unnatural pain, swelling, or fever after surgery, you should get checked out immediately.

2. Wrong patient
Wrong patient or patient swapping can occur when hospital staff mix up the wrong name or illness. Before performing a surgical procedure at a hospital, you should double check your biodata on the nurse. Make sure your name, place of birthmark, and other information are correct.

3. Fake doctor
Some actors or people have pretended to be doctors. Of course, the drugs or tests they give patients are also fake and can make things worse. Before being examined by a doctor, you should check whether the doctor or hospital you go to has high credibility.

4. Full Emergency Room
When the ER is full, a person can feel a lot of pain just waiting for the bed to empty. It’s a good idea to book in advance or ask your doctor to call the emergency department before you arrive.

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5. Air bubbles in the blood
The use of chest tubes is quite common in hospitals. However, mistakes can occur when the nurse does not close the chest tube tightly. This is dangerous because air can get trapped and cut off the blood supply to the lungs, heart, kidneys, and brain.

6. Treating the wrong body part
Although it rarely happens, it can happen very often. This is due to incorrect patient charts or doctors who misread the X-ray results. It’s a good idea to confirm which nurse and surgeon performed the operation and which body part should be operated on.

7. Wake up during operation
Of course not everyone wants to experience this. Some doctors administer less anesthesia to allow passengers to wake up when photographed. If the level of anesthetic used is small enough, a person can wake up or be awake, but cannot feel what is being done. Most patients can only feel pressure whenever a body part is poked, or cut.