Mandatory Guide To Keeping Secrets of Medicine

Mandatory Guide To Keeping Secrets of Medicine

Mandatory Guide To Keeping Secrets of Medicine – Next, we will provide reliable articles that we have summarized and made as light as possible, so that they can be read by all people, here are the guidelines for keeping medical secrets.


Medical secrets are data and information about a person’s health that is obtained by health workers when carrying out their work or profession
A doctor or dentist is a doctor, specialist doctor, dentist, and specialist dentist who has graduated from medical / dentistry education both at home and abroad who are recognized by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations.
A health worker is any person who devotes himself to the health sector and possesses knowledge and / or skills through education in the health sector which for certain types requires the authority to carry out health efforts.
Patient is any person who conducts a consultation on his / her health problem to obtain the necessary health services, either directly or indirectly to the authorized health personnel.
A medical record is a file containing notes and documents regarding the patient’s identity, examination, treatment, actions and other services provided to patients, including in electronic form.
The closest relatives are husband or wife, biological father or mother, guardian, adult biological children, or adult siblings.

The Scope of Secret Medicine

Medical secrets include data and information regarding:
patient identity;
the patient’s health includes the results of anamnesis, physical examination, supporting examinations, diagnosis, treatment and / or medical action; and
Another thing concerning the patient
Data and information can come from the patient, the patient’s family, patient introduction, consultation or referral certificate, or other sources.
The obligation to keep medical secrets is valid forever, even if the patient has died.

The Objective of the Obligation to Keep Medical Secrets

doctors and dentists and other health workers who have access to patient health data and information;
head of health service facilities;
personnel related to health service financing;
other personnel who have access to patient health data and information in health care facilities;
legal entities / corporations and / or health service facilities; and
student / student in charge of examination, treatment, care, and / or information management in health service facilities

How to Unlock the Secret of Medicine

Disclosure of medical secrets as needed. Medical secrets can be opened only for

the patient’s health interests are carried out with the patient’s written consent (if the patient is incompetent, consent can be given by his immediate family or guardian),
the interests of health care,
healing, and
patient care; and
administrative needs, insurance payments or health financing guarantees (can be opened in writing or an electronic information system is submitted during patient registration)
fulfilling requests from law enforcement officials in the context of law enforcement, (carried out in the process of investigation, investigation, prosecution and court proceedings) must be done in writing from the competent authority.

in the form of visum et repertum,
expert statement,
witness statements, and / or
medical summary

the patient’s own request is carried out by providing data and information to the patient either orally or in writing. The patient’s immediate family can obtain data and information on the patient’s health, unless otherwise stated by the patient.
based on the provisions of laws and regulations. The disclosure of medical secrets in the framework of the public interest is carried out without disclosing the patient’s identity. Public interests include:
medical audit;

threat of Extraordinary Events / outbreaks of infectious diseases;
health research for the benefit of the state;
education or use of information that will be useful in the future; and
a threat to the safety of others individually or society.

Operator of Patient Secret Disclosures

Person in charge of patient care
If the patient is handled by the team, the team leader who is authorized to disclose medical secrets. If the team leader is absent, it will be disclosed by a designated team member
If the person in charge of patient care is not available, the head of the health facility can reveal medical secrets

The person in charge of patient care or the head of a health service facility can refuse to disclose medical secrets if the request is contrary to the provisions of laws and regulations

The disclosure of medical secrets must be based on correct and accountable data and information.

Patients or close relatives of patients who have died, who demand health workers and / or health service facilities and inform them through the mass media, are deemed to have released their right to medical secrets to the public.

Information through the mass media gives authority to health workers and / or health service facilities to disclose or reveal the medical secrets concerned as a right of reply. If the patient sues the health worker and / or health service facility, the health worker and / or health service facility being accused has the right to disclose medical secrets in the framework of his defense in court.